Yoga and more
Yoga and more

The Dunas de Sal hotel is known for its rejuvenating atmosphere that provides relaxing and revitalizing experiences. To expand even more this sense of well-being, we offer to our guests a variety of activities that they can enjoy individually or in a group. 

Remember, it is never too late to become a "Yogi".

You can start practicing yoga at any time and at any age. In yoga, there is no competition; the important thing is to be honest with your own body. Practice at your own pace, but be consistent. Be patient and let all your thoughts, actions, and words be positive. At Dunas de Sal, you can maintain your regular practice or unwind and experience a class of this modality that attracts so many practitioners worldwide.

Our classes can take place indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. 
Group classes have a maximum of 15 yogis per class. 
Private classes have a maximum of 3 yogis per class. 

Class duration: 
60 min. (group or private)
90 min. (private classes with meditation)
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Also, we offer meditation, reiki, and breathwork activities.


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