T-Shop was born from the desire to bring true Cape Verdean memories to our guests.
"T" stands for Tartaruga (Turtle) in ode to this iconic species throughout the country.

In our store, you can learn all about the Caretta Caretta turtle. Ask for a tour with Adi, our store manager and passionate about the species, and discover with him secret places to observe the nesting and hatching of eggs in total symbiosis and respect for nature.

In addition to these experiences, in our store, you can acquire authentic souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones, carved and painted artefacts, handmade by artisans from all the islands.
Perpetuate the experience by carrying with you the aromas and delicacy of Cape Verdean handmade soaps, each with its natural and therapeutic essence.

Also, adapted to your luggage, are the sculptures of Master Djumanga. These figures arise from fallen trunks, branches, and coconut shells that are skilfully carved, transforming into figures that beautify and enhance any room.
In the colourful gallery, unique ceramic figures, postcards, and paintings are available with the right size to take on your travels.

Next to the hotel's reception, T-Shop also presents a special collection of portraits from all over Cape Verde, captured by the sensitive and talented eye of the renowned photographer Adilson Ramos.

Take advantage of this, it is the only 100% Cape Verdean shop in Santa Maria.