There are several forms of transport on the island. From private transport, to taxi, community transport, rent-a-car and the ecological bicycle. We tell you everything so you can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs.

• Taxi: To get around Santa Maria, we suggest you to do it on foot or by bicycle (see the bicycles section), however, to reach some more distant areas, the use of a Taxi is justified. We always have Taxis in front of the Hotel but if necessary our reception can arrange one at any time of the day or night. Prices vary between 300 escudos and 500 escudos (between €3 and €5) for routes between Santa Maria, Kite Beach and Ponta Preta.

• Transport for Groups:
Whether for a large family or for groups of friends traveling together, we have customized solutions in vehicles of up to 10, 22 and/or 53 people with a driver. Ask us for a quote by

• Community Transport: There is no so-called public transport on Sal, but the population travels between the north and south of the island in 11-seat vans, popularly called "Iáce", which leave the stop as soon as its capacity is full. If you are adventurous and want to be in contact with the local community, we suggest a trip from Santa Maria to Espargos where you can take the opportunity to get to know the island's capital as well. The fare is 100 escudos,approximately €1 and, believe me, it will stay in your memory.