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Explore the ocean floor all year round. Cape Verde is one of the best diving destinations in the Atlantic Ocean. With 647 animal species representing 10% of the world's diversity, it includes 6 different types of corals, 17 species of whales and dolphins, tropical fish, sharks, eels, and manta rays. Discover historic shipwrecks that complement the experience and ensure wonderful dives for divers of all levels.

In the north of the island, you will find a wall that descends vertically to abyssal depths, becoming a delight for cave diving enthusiasts. This is where Cape Verde's most famous diving spot "The Blue Eye" is located. The water visibility can reach 30 meters and the temperature ranges from 23°C in winter to 28°C in summer.

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Discover the depths

And if you wonder what is the best time of year to dive, the answer is simple, all year round!
The country's geographic position offers high temperatures 12 months a year and plenty of sun exposure.

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