Sustainability and social responsibility

At Dunas de Sal Hotel we believe that it is with small gestures repeated daily that the difference is made. Therefore, every day we work to reduce our ecological footprint and dignify and value our employees and the community in which we operate.

We are committed to reducing our production of greenhouse gases, as well as reducing energy and water consumption and reducing the production of waste produced by our operations, namely the consumption of single-use plastics. In this process we already have some practices in place:

- Use of solar panels to produce electricity
- Use of ecological cleaning products
- Acquisition of products in industrial packaging reducing the consumption of single-use packaging
- Preferential consumption of products of local origin
- Use of recycled water for irrigation
- Use of low-consumption lamps and equipment
- Call for a reduction in the exchange of towels and bed linen by our customers
- Composting organic waste
- Recycling of oils and batteries
- Donation of bed linen and towels to charities after their life cycle at the Hotel ends

Additionally, we embrace the protection of nature and our ecosystem by collaborating, for example, in beach cleanings that allow greater safety for the nesting of careta-careta sea turtles.

In addition to ecological responsibility, we also focus on social responsibility where our main objective is to dignify, support and protect our employees and the local community.

We are committed to ensuring that our operation does not have any negative impact on the community and we are continually looking for ways to benefit the community with our presence, supporting the local economy and growth, and preserving the Cape Verdean heritage and way of life.

Some of our social commitments are:

- Equal opportunities regardless of gender and/or age and/or nationality.

- Opportunity for student workers with schedules compatible with the academic period.

- Opportunities for professional growth through professional and personal training.

- Guarantee of a job at the end of the fixed-term contract limit.

- Remuneration for school internships at the national minimum wage.

The Hotel Dunas de Sal team is 99% Cape Verdean with most of the Cape Verde islands proudly represented by their flag bearers and the company's management is committed to the well-being and fair treatment of all the workers, respecting all labor laws and offering a safe and secure work environment.

At the community level, we support national inhabitants and residents with discounts on services and products.
We support local entrepreneurs by choosing national products first. We promote special activities to celebrate national culture and customs, such as celebrating the Cape Verdean Women’s day or inviting our staff and partner’s children to celebrate Children’s day at our pool.

Additionally, we support Human Rights and do not tolerate any form of exploitation, harassment, abuse or discrimination based on gender, race, age, sexual, political or religious orientation or any other form of discrimination. We go even further committing to protectiing minorities and vulnerable groups (such as children, adolescents and women) and preventing any form of discrimination, exploitation, harassment and abuse.

We are especially committed to safeguarding children by being vigilant and reporting any suspicious circumstances of which we become aware to the competent authorities. If you suspect abuse or neglect of minor children, do not hesitate to contact the Hotel administration or contact the authorities on the telephone number 002382421132.

We invite all our customers, employees and the community in general to give us their opinion on the work we have developed to better contribute in the areas of sustainability and social impact, via email:

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