Sustainability goals

In 2024 we are implementing a series of new initiatives throughout our operation to help us achieve our 2030 greenhouse gas emission goal as well as continue to focus on social responsibility. Our main goals for this year are:




Reduce CO2 emissions from our operations

Reduce the consumption of single-use plastics by 3% or more compared to the year 2023.

Reduce water and electricity consumption by 5% or more compared to 2023.

Recycle clean water from our kitchen to water our garden.


Community Support

Continue to support associations that promote children activities for after-school perio, keeping them in a safe and healthy environment while they are not under parental supervision.


Biodiversity Protection

Increase the number of beach cleanups involving our partners, customers and the community.

Increase the production of organic products for consumption by our customers.

We encourage and appreciate our valuable guests, staff, visitors and partners to support our sustainability goals by following our Responsibility Commitments, sustainability tips on how to protect our biodiversity, saving energy, water, reducing the consumption of single use plastics and other solid waste such as chemicals and other hazard substances.

Additionally, please give us your opinion on the work we have developed to better contribute in the areas of sustainability and social impact, via email: Your feedback is very much appreciated!

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