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At Dunas de Sal, we wish our guests a fully exotic experience, therefore we encourage you to explore the island, meet its people and their traditions, discover the underwater, have adventures along the shore dunes and the desert and simply relax with a sense of well-being and connection to the presente moment, the true Cabo Verdean way. Live a unique experience!

A day on Sal Island cannot begin without a good breakfast, preferably with the traditional cachupa served with fried fish, "chouriço de terra" or fried egg, the perfect nourishment for a long morning of sun and sea on the idyllic Santa Maria beach.

This is exactly where the tourist imagines to be since he decided to book his trip to Sal, at the white and warm sandy beach bathed by the most mesmerizing turquoise sea water, just at perfect temperature to refresh the body.

And you don't need much in your suitcase, lightweight clothing, sandals and a swimsuit, a hat and sunglasses, and a blank book to fill with memories.

But if you are already a frequent visitor, it's because you have fallen in love with the place and the people. You may be visiting us annually to dive into our waters and discover new immersive attractions, or simply to take advantage of the winter winds that delight kite surfers, windsurfers and wing foile practiioners, among others.

After a morning on the beach, it’s time to explore the center of Santa Maria. We suggest a walk along the beach to the pier to witness the vibrant fisherwomen and fishermen who bring fresh fish every day of the week. And since it's time to replenish your energy, delight yourself with the most delicious fish and seafood at one of the city's restaurants, many of them by the sea so you can enjoy the sun and the landscape to the fullest.

The afternoon invites you to take a stroll along the pedestrian avenue or relax with cocktails and fruit juices before another swimm in the sea until sunset.

When nite time comes prepare to definitelly fall in love with the island. The streets transform with the opening of bars and restaurants, many of them offering live music for the delight of the customers. Local artists sing the poems of Cabo Verdean authors, leaving us speechless with their hidden talents. And as the night progresses, you will discover the best places to dance, whether to traditional or contemporary rhythms.

With an easy-going demeanor and a constant smile, the Cabo Verdean will show you how life can be lived with much less and still be perfect. You will discover that in this part of the world, time goes slower and material possessions are not at all the most important things in life. Let yourself go and connect with the country, the people, and yourself. You will see that it will be worth it.

Have a pleasant stay!

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